Welcome Back!

I would like to welcome all of the children back to school after what I hope was a restful and enjoyable Christmas break for everyone, parents and pupils alike.
Firstly, I would like to say a big well done to all children for our wonderful assembly! It was a super way to end our first term in Primary Three.
We have had a great start to 2016; the children are very focused and are excited to continue their learning journey.

Maths and numeracy.
This term the children will be learning about measurement. This maths topic will be very active and the class are looking forward to estimating and measuring lots of different objects.
We will also be covering money which will tie in with our Finance Week in February. The children will not only be learning about money values, but will also have the opportunity to learn about spending wisely. As part of our ongoing Rights Respecting Schools programme, the class will discuss the needs, wants and rights of each individual.
We will continue learning mathematical strategies through our SEAL programme this term. The children have really enjoyed the activities so far.
You can further your child’s learning this term by asking practical questions relating to our maths topics. For example, ask them to find the measurements on food cartons, etc. And again with money, allow them to pay for items and to work out the change, etc. This will help your child apply the skills learnt in school to everyday life.

Literacy and English
All children are trying really hard on their cursive handwriting and it has paid off. Keep up the hard work!
Primary 3 and 3/4 are starting a literacy programme where some of the children will be working on their phonetic awareness with myself and Mrs. Burgess. Others in the class will be working on their literacy skills such as grammar, reading, and writing with Mrs. Ruthven. Everybody is very excited to get started!
The library has officially been launched and we are delighted! Each Wednesday we will be visiting St. David’s library where the children can choose a book to read for enjoyment throughout the week. We try to provide as many opportunities to read as possible in school so your child is encouraged to bring in their library book each day.

After such a keen interest in our topic on the Ancient Egyptians in term 1, the children are thrilled to have started learning about China. We will be exploring the culture and climate of the country as well as finding out about the Chinese New Year. Show and tells should be based on this topic.
We will also be enjoying Burns Night celebrations whilst taking part in Scots week. There will be a poetry recital in the class and the winners will be invited to recite their poem at assembly on the 12th February.
Diversity night will be taking place on the evening of the 9th of February. As a mini topic, P3 have chosen Brazil as their country so make sure to come along and find out how Shrove Tuesday is celebrated there!
Our science topic this term is making sounds. We will be learning about how sound travels and will be carrying out experiments to investigate it.

We have begun our preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the class are participating well. We are learning how to ask God for forgiveness for our sins and to forgive others. Please continue to do the tasks in your homework book each week with your children. The dates for the Sacraments will be confirmed soon.

P.E. days stay the same – Tuesday and Wednesday. Well done to all children on bringing your full gym kits each week.
Please ensure your child has indoor shoes in school.

The class have really improved their organisational skills and are remembering to bring in their blue bags every day, well done! Remember to check that all active and written spelling tasks are complete each week – this has a hugely beneficial impact on their writing.

We look forward to an exciting Term 2. Happy New Year!


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