P3 March Newsletter 

I would like to offer my congratulations to the children who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Margaret Mary’s on 12th March. It was a very special morning for the children. For those who have not yet received the Sacrament, preparation is ongoing in class and we hope to have a date confirmed for St. Margaret’s, Davidsons Mains soon.Having covered measure and money in numeracy and maths, the children have started learning their times tables and are really excited about it. We have had lots of fun in the classroom making songs and having competitions to try remember our tables. The children are continuing to use the interactive whiteboard for maths games in order to support their learning.  

The children of St. David’s are very excited with the launch of our school library. The class are really enjoying visiting it each Wednesday. Alongside this, World Book Day was a great success and the children in P3 are eager to read more and more. We are still working on our reading books as well as short novels.  

As you are aware, each class in St. David’s has chosen a competition or event to raise money for our Lenten fundraising programme. Primary 3 will be hosting an Irish food sale on St. Patrick’s Day (17th March). Any cakes of any description would be greatly appreciated. Parents are invited into the class to visit our Cultural Café on the Thursday from 2.30pm-3pm.

The children really can’t wait to take part in the other class’s upcoming events.  


Wishing you a very Happy Easter.


Thank you, 

Miss Lambert 



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