Primary 5 Newsletter Jan 2016

Happy New Year everyone, we are all excited to be back after the holidays and to continue on with our learning. The children were delighted to see each other again and to share their stories from the Christmas break.
The children will work both independently and in groups, to investigate important people in Scottish history, such as Robert Burns and Mary Queen of Scots. We will be taking an Interdisciplinary approach to learning our topic, linking our learning through other curricular areas. IPad’s will be used as a research device and as a presenting tool to share what we have learned.
To celebrate Scottish heritage and culture we are studying poetry as part of our Robert Burns mini topic. Primary 5 will learn how to identify different types of poems from their features. They will learn how to express their ideas and feelings through the use of figurative language for example similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia and personification. We will be using VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation) to improve our writing and will continue to work on developing our talking and listening skills though focus lesson plans and group work.
We will continue to work on our reading skills using novels and books as our source of text. Our focus will be reading with fluency and applying strategies to decode unfamiliar words as well as using Blooms Taxonomy to improve and assess specific reading skills.
We will be learning about the properties of numbers and how to read, write and order numbers into the 100 000. The children will understand place value and the role and importance of the different columns that represents the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and so on. As part of our previous topic on the Rainforest, we agreed that we would raise money to help save the Amazon Jaguar. To accomplish this, the children decided to bake treats to sell in the school using foods found in the rainforest. This requires the children to understand units of measurement such as grams and kilograms, which we will explore in maths.
Primary 5 are very happy to welcome Steve Macara on a Thursday, who works for Total Craigroyston. He delivers a Health and Wellbeing Programme titled ‘Health/Hope and Happiness.’ We will continue to improve our swimming skills on a Wednesday and we are delighted to have a specialist teacher, Miss Spence, to teach us how to play rugby on a Tuesday.
This term we will be learning about and comparing world religions. As part of our diversity night we will be studying Saint Brigit and Saint Patrick and why they were so important to the people of Ireland.
SSPCA visited Saint David’s to teach the children how best to care for pets and wildlife. Primary 5 learned about the cost involved in looking after a pet and how best to cater for their needs. They thoroughly enjoyed this session and were keen to share their stories about animal welfare.
Please note that there have been a few changes to our timetable this term. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate kit for the activities on these days.
P.E. – Tuesday
Swimming – Wednesday
Homework will continue to be given out on a Monday and should be handed in on a Friday signed by an adult. The children are also expected to complete two active spelling and maths activities per week, date them, and traffic light them in terms of challenge. This term we will continue to focus on improving our talking and listening skills as well as our comprehension skills in reading. Please discuss with your child about their reading book or novel and about their topic at school, as this would be very beneficial for your child’s progress in these areas

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