Eco Reps Represent St David’s RC at an outdoor learning and play Event in The Royal Botanic Gardens, hosted by Scottish Natural Heritage and attended by Deputy First Minister John Swinney

Titus and Nicola from P6 Went to The Royal Botanic Gardens on Monday to attend an Eco event hosted by Scottish Natural Heritage. The programme listed many fun activities and also the possibility of a VIP guest! After registration and a cup of coffee for Mr Innes we headed outside to start our day of climate change awareness. We made ‘Andy Goldsworthy’ inspired natural artwork, we learned about climate change gases, how we produce them and we learned about biodiversity- All before lunch!! After lunch and another cup of coffee for Mr Innes we met our VIP! Mr Deputy First Minister John Swinney no less and also Scottish Natural Heritage’s Chief Executive, Francesca Osowska. Titus and Nicola wasted no time and started networking with the pair straight away (see photos). After the VIP excitement it was back indoors for an acorn planting activity and bee making workshop. We learned how important planting trees is to our future and hopefully our little acorns can grow to be part of our planet’s solution to climate change.

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