Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning P4/5. I hope you are feeling well and keeping busy. Today I am going to set a reading challenge on Sumdog. It will be short and hopefully the questions will be on things you already know. I will set some Maths questions in the afternoon and the house will be open so that you can play together.

Today’s task: On Friday we drew a character for a story (I hope! If not you need to draw one today). In our story, the character is going to go on a journey. Can you make something that they could travel in? I know some of you made a boat last week, you can use that if it matches your character. If not you might need to make a spaceship or an aircraft. It should be small and you might need to do some measuring to make sure things fit together. If you cannot make a real model, just draw a sketch- like Leonardo Da Vinci used to do. Write some notes so that everyone knows what all the different parts can do. Please keep all of your work so that we can look at it when we are all back together. Here is a helicopter picture to help you-

helicopter new.jpeg

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