31.3.20 New challenge- Think of others Tuesday!

We hope you enjoyed yesterdays challenges, if you haven’t done them yet give them a go throughout the week and let us know how you got on. Miss Barclay and Miss Pexara have been keeping active by going for a cycle or a run. Miss Barclay was going to do the spell your name PE today but her muscles were a bit sore from cycling, its on tomorrows to do list!

We enjoyed the tweets we received yesterday, it was cool to see your smiling faces and reading dens and find out what books you have been reading….. keep them coming in!

Today our challenge is an RE challenge for Lent which also links into our Building Resilience work this term.

Tuesday Challenge (Lent): Make a list of 10 acts of kindness that you could do at home. write each one on a piece of paper. Put them in a jar or a cup. Each morning, for the remainder of Lent, pick one out and complete it that day!

If you are looking for another active challenge today check out the Active Schools balloon challenge we have put on the twitter!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday P3. Stay safe, stay cool! Miss B & Miss P x

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