Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning P4/5, thank you everyone who did some work on Sumdog yesterday. I noticed no-one played on there for too long. I hope you were busy with some of the work in the pack you took home. Have you been using the maths books instead of Sumdog?            This week we are going to create a fantasy story which takes place in a new, exciting and dangerous world. Your character is the hero and their job is to save the world which they love. This will not be easy as the world is dangerous. You should already have a character that you have drawn and thought about (if you have not do that today).

OK, your task for today: Pick a sentence to start your story-                                 It was very quiet. Too quiet!                                                                                        There was no time to worry. No time to think. He had to act now.                        Although she had no idea what it meant, she could see her chance.                     Now finish these sentences to write the first section of your story.                   She/he quickly pulled on……….In a small bag she/he put……..When she/he stepped outside…….                                                                                                   

 If you can create a visualiser for what you have written that would be lovely.                       

The house will be open in Sumdog this afternoon so that you can play together. Remember to practice your spelling words. I hope you are helping with tidying and cooking in the house too. Stay safe, Mrs Hughes.

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