Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning P4/5, today is the end of an unusual week. Are you feeling tired or restless? Think about how you are feeling this Friday and have a wee chat about it with someone. What did you do this week that was useful and what was a waste of time? Think of something new to add next week. Here are some ideas. Maybe you might try one of these?April ideas.jpg

Tasks for today: The Sumdog house will be closed in the morning with a short reading challenge. I will open the house in the afternoon and set a maths challenge to help you revise your times table facts.

What is happening in our magical mystery stories? I know I have been asking you to write this story. That is because I would like other people to be able to read it. If you want to record the story instead, that is cool too. This job is a job of storytelling, the writing it down part just makes it easier to share!

Do you have a character and a vehicle to travel in? Great. Is your character in the middle of a tunnel? Are they tumbling or sliding? Is it dark or bright? Is it clean and shiny or dirty and smelly? Try to find word that describe the tunnel as you travel through.

As you fall out of the tunnel you hear a voice, “Ouch, You landed on my head!” This new character will become your friend, your helper and will come to your rescue when you need them. We have worked a little on this already, so try to remember what kind of person will help you on this difficult journey. For now, just describe what they look like and what makes you become friends- do you like the same things? Pick a thing that you both like to use later. Check your bag to make sure you have not lost anything in the tunnel. Then look around. You are inside a giant museum. What kind of museum is it? Dinosuars, superheroes, animals, aircrafts, technology, science, sport? The things in the museum are the things that you and your new friend both like! Tell us what you see.

There will be no posts over the holidays so please look after each other and stay safe. Happy Easter when it comes around, Mrs Hughes.



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