P7 Home Learning

Good morning P7. We hope you have had a restful Easter holiday and that you are all safe and well. Miss Polson and are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time. Things are uncertain right now and so it is especially important for your mental health to maintain some routine and structure to your daily lives. We recommend that you try to find something that you enjoy doing and something that makes you feel calm everyday.

To encourage you to have some structure in your day, we have arranged for you to complete some home learning tasks. These tasks should only be completed with the materials that you have available. Every week you will receive four tasks for maths and literacy. As well as this, you will receive a health and well-being and an IDL (topic) task to complete.

Stay safe and continue to stay hopeful.

Miss C and Miss P.

Weekly Tasks

On the grid you will see an explanation of all of the tasks that you can complete.


Your weekly maths activities will include a worksheet for each day with an accompanying Youtube video which has an explanation of the topic. You will also have a weekly arithmetic and mental maths challenge. Your parent should read these questions to you and you try to answer them in your head within 20 seconds.

Use the following URL to find an explanation on how to find the perimeter of a shape, with an added challenge of finding the perimeter of compound shapes. There are many helpful videos on the link to other maths topics too!



You will receive a daily literacy task that you can view on the PowerPoint. Complete one task per day.

You should also try to read something for 30 minutes per day.

Good luck with this weeks activities.

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