Thursday 23.4.20

Hello Primary 3!

We hope you have managed to access this weeks home learning grid and are enjoying the activities. It was good to see some people have been working on the number of the week challenge. Hopefully you will be receiving your login details for teams this week, we hope to see you on there. We will still be posting on here too.

Some little challenges/a thought for today…….. today is actually Thank You Thursday – So if you wanted you could write a letter or draw a picture to someone to thank them for doing something. Maybe you want to thank someone at home, the NHS staff like Dr’s and Nurses, the posties, the supermarket workers, the teachers. If you do make a thank you letter or picture and would like to share your work with us send it to us on Twitter (@saintdavidsrcps). You might even just want to join in the Thursday clap for carers tonight!

Don’t forget to get some daily exercise!   Why not try some more of the animal moves to keep active. Again we would love to see your moves on twitter- if you want to share!


Mrs Burdon (our Drama teacher) has sent in a book of drama games and ideas for you to continue to enjoy drama at home. She has even included a magic mind trick 🙂  So if you enjoy drama at school and are missing it you can play these at home. Just click the link below.
Keep active, keep safe, keep smiling P3, we miss you lots!
Miss Barclay & Miss Pexara x
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