Monday 27th April 2020

Primary 4-5 learning grid 27.4.20 [Autosaved]

thinking-reader-A Child’s Thought

Good Morning P4/5, I have just watched Boris Johnson letting us know that he is back at work after being in hospital. He asked us to be patient. This is a hard thing to do. Today’s challenge should help us with it. Today you should make a plan, a time-table. When a job is really big is in better to do one little bit at a time. Look at the grid and the work for this week. Draw a timetable and decide what to do on each day. Tick things off as you go along, it will feel good to know you have completed a task. Remember, there will be a new challenge each day, so leave time for that too.

We will have Sumdog challenges today as usual. Maths this morning, with the house closed. Language work in the afternoon. I will open the house after 1pm (I was late on Thursday and Friday, sorry!).I was trying to see what we can do together on Teams- are you on there yet? Mrs Hughes x

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