Wednesday 29.4.20

Hi P3.
Today we have some challenges for you. Only do them if you want to and can access Teams just now (for the first one). We loved your superhero pictures yesterday, if you still want to do that you can and post a picture on Twitter/Teams.
Challenge 1- If you have got onto TEAMS then – Can you find the General Channel (should be to the left of your screen- remember our make an L shape with your hands to work out which way is left!) Then can you type a message on there, you might want to say hello to your friends, class, teacher or maybe Mrs Burgess or Mrs Cusack.
Challenge 2- Today is International Dance Day, can you make up a dance or learn a new one to your favourite song, you might choose to use your happy song from our HWB task this week?!   Share it on Twitter or TEAMS.
Just for a little inspiration, and maybe for those have not seen this yet you can watch our STAFF Dance Video we made
Anyone still having issues accessing teams please email us we will be happy to help!
Have a great day P3 ❤️ Miss Barclay & Miss Pexara
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