P6 Virtual Hub Games

We are going to be very busy being active this week P6.  The P6 Cluster Virtual Hub Games is on Wednesday. 

The plan for the day is as follows

9.00 -10.30       Opening Ceremony

10.30 – 2.00      Main Event 14 sports challenges and bonus activities

2.00pm             Quiz  (access this at http://www.kahoot.it .

The code will be on the website and announced on twitter.  It can be completed anytime between 2pm and the end of the day on Wednesday.)

Opening Ceremony

At 9am on Wednesday 3rd June, Active Schools will post a video on twitter and on our website of our ‘Journey Through Lockdown’ highlighting the things we have done as a team to help others stay active, support our communities, learn new skills and keep active. 

Pupil task

To share your journey through lockdown.  This can be a photo or video, drawing or display to highlight anything that you have done.  It can be learning a new sports skill, walking, taking part in active challenges, eating healthy meals, being kind to self or others. 

This can be submitted individually on twitter @ActiveSchoolsED #gamesatthehub2020 or you can send to me and I will post as a class or send to (shona.clark@ea.edin.sch.uk)

The Main Event

There will be 14 different challenges to choose from and you can see these here


Pupil task –

You can choose a maximum of 6 sports from the list of sports and you can start these today.  Each activity will take up to 30 minutes to complete. Send me details of what you have done and I will complete the class sheet.

Check here for further information

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