P6 Home Learning 22 June

Good morning everyone and welcome to the very last week of term in P6.  I know that this has been a very different school year for you but I hope you have been able to enjoy the last weeks of P6 even if you have not been in school with your friends. You must be excited about the summer holidays and be looking forward to being in P7.  One more week that’s all.  You have all been working so hard and giving your best. Thank you for all the effort you have made.  This week I have included maths and literacy tasks and the rest are tasks asking you to reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to your new school year.  What have you enjoyed and what are you looking forward to ? I will also post other tasks during the week.  Enjoy your last week of term.
Your Home learning grid can be found here.
Your maths and literacy can be found here
R.E. and science
Other work here
Enjoy the last week of term and keep looking for new activities.
Mrs Wallace
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