Science Week

Science Week tied in really well with the topic we were doing in class: My Body.

We have been learning about our skeletons and muscles as well as some of our internal organs.

We worked in groups to build a skeleton shape which we then added muscles to.

We completed the body shapes by adding in some of the internal organs and we demonstrated some excellent team work to get the task finished.

We have enjoyed learning about how our body works as well as learning about our senses and the importance of being healthy and fit.


We finished off this series of lessons by challenging each other to identify body parts and explain the job of some of our organs.  Everyone enjoyed being a quizmaster!

Science Week

Primary 2B began Science Week with a visit from Andrew Firth from Edinburgh University’s Engineering Department.

He talked to us about Wind Energy, Kinetic Energy and taught us how to make a basic rocket which we tested using an air pump.

Island Homes

Everyone has enjoyed our recent IDL topic about Katie Morag and the Isle of Stuay.

We had the opportunity to create our own island buildings or features that we would have on the Isle of Struay.

These varied from a skate park, to a rescue centre with top of the range lighthouse, to old ruined cottages.

Great imagination and skills from the children in P2B!