Monday 1st June 2020

Happy Monday P4/5. Are you all a little melted by the heat over the weekend?

Mr Creaney , Miss Barclay and Mrs Parker have set up a virtual Sports Day for us all to do this week!
Thank you teachers .

Here are the instructions you will need:

Look at the activities in your learning grid as usual.
Find the green boxes with the Sports Day activities. Do the different tasks/events and record your scores on the assignment sheet you can see attached to this post. Remember to add your House if you know it. Message me if you don’t and I can remind you! Save your scores and submit them for us to count up. Post pictures of your activities here or on Twitter.

Other learning:

Do not forget to complete you other learning too. The grid is attached and there is a Thinking Reader to complete. Sumdog challenges will be set as usual and there are reading and maths tasks for you to complete and post on Teams. 
Today’s Challenge: Find something you have noticed growing- a flower, a tree, grass, your feet, your hair. Take a picture and post it.

Saint David’s Virtual Sports Day 2020

Hello all,

Next week was due to be sports day, however as we can’t all be together at the moment we have had to come up with a different plan.  So we will have sports day virtually- it will actually be sports week! Check out this very special Breaking News report made by some familiar faces. We hope you enjoy watching and it makes you smile and motivated to be active!

Miss Barclay & Mr Creaney

Monday 25th May 2020

Good Morning STDA P4/5, have you checked the weather forecast for today? 🌞 Below this message I am going to post your grid for this week and a Thinking Reader task.  Your challenge for today is to make a timetable for the week making sure you have time for all the tasks on the grid. In school we have each other to help make sure we get everything done. Working from home you need to organise things to help you manage your time. You want to do the right amount of work- not too much and not too little. Do not post your timetable on Teams today. Cross things off when you do them and if you want to post a picture, do it on Friday.  The Sumdog house is closed this morning. I will open the house in the afternoon and set a short challenge. There will be extra rewards for anyone working hard on Sumdog. Enjoy the sunshine! Mrs Hughes 🙂

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning P4/5, I hope you had a nice day yesterday and are ready for something new today. Instead of a challenge in Sumdog, I have created a competition. The questions are all about fractions. There is also a section about fractions on your grid for this week. I will give 50 extra points to everyone who completes this competition. Do your best but focus on finishing rather than answering every single question correctly.
I am enjoying reading your Thinking Reader work. The visualisers are great. Can you remember to write sentences for your word work. Thank you.
Today’s challenge is to create a tree picture. You can draw, stick, photograph or model. Use whatever you can find in the house or out on a walk. Be creative. Do not forget to post your work!

School Uniform Day Friday 15th May

On Friday (Friday 15th May), St David’s will be joining schools in Edinburgh & across Scotland to celebrate School Uniform Day! 

Just for fun instead of a dress down Friday we are having a dress in school uniform Friday! An opportunity for you to put on your school uniform, PE kit or school colours and remember even though we are apart just now we are all connected and in this together. We want our pupils to wear our colours or uniform with pride and know you are a big part of our wonderful school community. 

Follow the school twitter for school uniform day info and our exciting school uniform picture quiz, featuring photos of some staff in their school uniforms a long time ago!  See the poster below with ideas for this Friday. Don’t forget to post your uniform pictures to twitter & teams this Friday #SchoolUniformDay


Stay safe, 

Miss Barclay (P3 Teacher)

School uniform day