Thinking Thursday!

Hi P3,

Hope you are all having a good week. Well done to those who did the Sumdog challenge, great job! Don’t forget if you did the animal movements to show us some of your skills on twitter!

Today there is just one challenge, named “Thinking Thursday”, to keep our brains active. So we have some riddles for you. We will post the answers to the riddles tomorrow- Good Luck!

Have fun, stay safe, Miss B & Miss P x

Thinking Thursday

Riddle 1: What has a face and two hands but no arms and legs?

Riddle 2: Where does Friday come before Thursday?

Riddle 3: What has four legs but can’t walk?

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning P4/5, is everyone well? Did anyone make a funny joke or prank for someone in the house yesterday? If you did I hope you all had a laugh and enjoyed laughing together.

I noticed lots of you were working on Sumdog yesterday even although there was no challenge. Your scores were good and no one played for too long. Thank you. Today the house will be closed in the morning with a maths challenge set and open in the afternoon with a short reading assessment.

How are your magical mystical stories looking? Does everyone have a character and a vehicle to travel in? Have you written your first section? If you have not managed to do that yet, you need to do these things before you move on. If you have written the first section can you check and see if you can add any of these things to make what you have written more interesting. Clothing- boots, belt, keys, cloak. In the bag- something magical- a locket, a bracelet, aring, a potion (or magical drink), a stone, a feather, a musical instrument. Outside- Sun shinning, rays, wind swirling, leaves, bustling streets, a street  sign, eerily quiet, stillness.

Your task for today: Your character is going to discover a tunnel. We are going to write about how they feel about going into the tunnel and what the tunnel looks like inside. You must have written a little bit about what it looks like outside the door. If your character is in a forest of jungle, you can find the tunnel under a tree. Of you are in a city, you might find the tunnel in a hedge or garden. You can find it beside a building or behind a waterfall…you choose. OK is it light or dark inside- bright, dull, shiny, or gloomy. Can you hear a noise- music or laughter, buzzing or humming? You put your head inside to hear more clearly and it sucks you in like a giant vacuum cleaner. Write how you feel…

Wacky Wednesday with a hint of Maths!

Hi P3

Just a quick Wednesday message, sorry its late was having Wifi issues. Keep your photos and videos coming on the twitter. We are loving your work! Shout out to the boys who sent them in over the last couple of days, they really have made us smile đŸ™‚

See below for the challenge details, stay safe, Miss Barclay & Miss Pexara x

Wednesday Challenges

Challenge 1: Maths: Sumdog Doubling & Halving challenge, you have 24 hours to complete.

If you have lost your Sumdog password- email and we will get it to you.

Challenge 2: Wacky Wednesday – Try out some of these animal movements at home/ in the garden or maybe if you are out for a daily walk! You could always video some of your animal movements and share them on the school twitter @saintdavidsrcps