Books everywhere!

After Peter the librarian came to visit us, all Primary 1 has been very engaged in reading some of the book from the class library. The cosy corner and the pod have been the favourite places to enjoy a calm and quiet moment with our books.

P3 Sparklers Timeeeee!!!

This week P3s were learning about adjectives and fireworks to help us to write descriptive firework poems next week. We had a fireworks themed morning where we got to experience holding a sparkler.

We also watched a recording of the Festival fireworks display at Edinburgh Castle on the big screen and we ate popcorn.

‘This was the best morning at school ever!’ Alexander P3a

Autumnal Activities Going Strong in St David’s Nursery

The last few weeks have brought about many opportunities for Autumnal learning. This is a great season for learning and we get to cover all areas of the curriculum through well thought out activities and play. The children have loved colour, animals, seasonal holidays and produce from this time of year. Here are some pictures of our Autumnal activities and opportunities for play.