Primary 5

We would like to welcome everyone to our class page, we will be using this page to show you what we have been learning in class and on school trips. Our teacher Miss Folan will be helping us to keep this page up-to-date. We hope you enjoy sharing in our learning with us!!


The Rainforest

Primary 5 have had a busy yet exciting start to the year. Our topic this term is The Rainforest and we have been doing lots of research to find out more information on what makes these areas so special. We have been learning about our impact on the environment and the sustainability of the rain forests and their importance to our planet. As part of our topic, we took a trip to Dynamic Earth where we were able to learn what life is like in the tropical rainforest and how deforestation is posing a threat to the lives of the animals which live there.


Buddy Reading

Primary 5 have been working hard at helping the Primary 2s with their reading every Friday. As a reading buddy they encourage and help the younger ones with their sounds and comprehension skills, and have been using their iPads to record how their reading buddy is improving each week.


Primary 5 Enjoy workign with their Den Group!

We have all enjoyed working collaboratively in our Dens. The purpose of the Dens is to provide pupils with an activity which they may not normally have the opportunity to undertake. We have been focussing on working together as effective teams. This time allows us to work with people from other year stages and to make positive changes to our school.