Primary 5/6

We would like to welcome everyone to our class page, we will be using this page to show you what we have been learning in class and on school trips. Our teacher Mrs Dunn will be helping us to keep this page up-to-date. We hope you enjoy sharing in our learning with us!!


The Golden Ticket – P5/6 visit Dynamic Earth!


Thursday the 12th November was a great day for our class. We travelled through time, we explored the rainforest, we learned all about the stars and just how much Earth Matters! Here are a few comments from the class.
“I think it was the best day I have had this year! I learned so much about the animals in the rainforest. I thought the best part for me was the Dome Show, it was amazing!” Praise P5/6
“I liked the huge ice block. I thought it might have been fake but it was actually real.” George P5/6
“It was absolutely incredible! I had never been there before and I learned a lot!” Edward P5/6
“It was really interesting, especially the Dome Show, I thought it was outstanding. I would recommend a visit to Dynamic Earth to all my family and friends!” Connor P5/6
“I enjoyed all of the visit and I think that the shaky volcano was the best because it was so realistic!” Ela P5/6
“The ice block was amazing because it seemed like you were really in a very cold country!” Szymon P5/6
“I especially enjoyed when we travelled to the age of the dinosaurs. I went home and taught my Mum and Dad all I had learned” Franek P5/6



Science as Engineers

All of Primary 6 from both classes have been working on a Science project which we will present to judges at St Augustine’s on December 11th.
We have been developing our teamwork skills, listening and talking skills as well as increasing our knowledge of science in the world around us.
The task was to “Design something that makes life safer for people in the world.”
First, a science teacher from St Augustine’s visited our school and told us all about the competition.


Then we had to work as a team to generate our ideas. This took a few weeks.


Now we have been able to start building our models! Here is a sneak peek at some of the designs.