Spartans Smilers

We took part in the new Smilers Programme introduced by Spartans Football Academy. Smilers is an oral health programme that teaches children the importance of good dental health and oral hygiene. We carried out tasks on the iPads before the practical activities and Spartans came to St. David’s to carry out fantastic practial lessons in school.

Dynamic Earth

“Our Dynamic Earth trip was the best trip in the world!” – Philip Agbo

“We saw facts about polar bears – they’re very good at hunting for food.” – Shane Gurure

“It was the best trip and I want to go again!” – Max Baranski

“It was a fun trip.” – Aron Rzepka

“It was the best trip in Dynamic Earth that the whole class ever had!” – Olivia Agbo

“If you go, you might want to go again.” – Wallace Makota

“We even got to see how the polar bears hunt in the water” – Filip Pisarek


Our trip to Pizza Express 😋🍕

As part of our food technology programme, we visited Pizza Express. We learned about how pizzas came to Scotland and about all of the different ingredients needed to make one. We even got to make the worlds most popular pizza, the Margherita and taste lots of different types of toppings. At the end of the trip we were awarded with Junior  Pizzaiolo certificates. We had lots of fun!

All about living things

Primary three have really enjoyed learning about their topic of plants and animals. We investigated microhabitats and went on a minibeast hunt to Lochend Park where we not only saw lots of minibeasts but beautiful swans and their signets as well of lots of other types of birds. It was such a nice day we even got to play in the playground. We also planned for and created our own minibeasts!