Nursery have a Super Soup cook off and fire!

Today the nursery children had a log fire that they lit themselves! We built a fire with our friends at Pirniehall and watched as the flames took hold. Whilst the fire was warming up we harvested some of the potatoes with Miss Gonzalez that we grew last year. Whilst some children were harvesting potatoes and washing them the rest peeled vegetables and chopped them up. Next we boiled some water and added our stock and chopped vegetables. We watched as they cooked- checking regularly. When the veg was cooked and soft we took it off the fire and mashed it all up. Once it was quality checked and cool we all got a chance to taste it outside and share it with our friends in Pirniehall. Later Mrs Rafferty offered it to all the children for snack. Our soup cook off was all part of us joining in with the RHS Big Soup Share Please join in at home too by following the links. Have a souper day 😊.

Ready, set, soup!

Pupils harvest their crops of vegetables to make soup for the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Big Soup Share at Charlton Manor Primary School, London Friday October 4, 2019. Three thousand schools, community and youth groups have signed up to use their own grown garden produce to make and share soup over the week (7-13 October) with an estimated 60,000 litres expected to be served. .Photo RHS / Luke MacGregor

The Big soup share is now in full swing! But it’s not too late to get involved.
This year we’ve gone digital! We’ve got a wheelbarrow load of resources and videos to help you host a event online and have a great Soup Share week.
This is the perfect time to connect with people in your community virtually, and as the colder weather sets in, what better time to enjoy a successful harvest with a hot bowl of soup?
Check out the green box to download our guidance, printable resources and recipes to get rolling. 
And for those who are able to carry out a more in-person Big Soup Share, either in a small group or by offering a takeaway/delivery service, we’ve got some guidance for you too!
If you’re taking part, be sure to sign up below as you’ll also receive some soup-er freebies after the Big Soup Share to help you get growing for next year!
Working with more than one group? You only need to fill in the sign up form once. Then just drop as an email to and we’ll make sure all of your groups get a goodie bag!

Eco den news: Do your bit for climate change

NEW RESOURCE: Living Planet Report (LPR) – Youth Edition The LPR is produced every two years and is a health-check for the planet. It tells us the current state of the natural world, what threats it faces, and what this means for us humans. To coincide with the Report we have created a special youth version, along with a easy-to-use teacher resource pack including presentation slides, to help you explain and explore the Report and the themes within it. And don’t forget to check out our animated video to bring the key messages to life in your classroom.

The Eco Den Make a good start to the year! Well done guys

on the 20th September- the Eco Den met for the first time this year. We got some serious thinking done and completed our first administrative task of the new green flag application. We put our heads together and completed the whole school environmental review. Next time we meet we’ll get active and start to bust the schools litter, completing our first litter audit.