Welcome Back Nursery Children and Parents!

Welcome back to a brand new year! This year we have made some changes to our routines, all changes have been made with your child’s best interests at the centre of the decision. We have slightly changed our gate opening times to allow the children more playing and learning time. We have also stopped our small group times which allows your child a longer uninterrupted play session. Thank you for adapting to our new times, we appreciate your support.

Autumnal Activities Going Strong in St David’s Nursery

The last few weeks have brought about many opportunities for Autumnal learning. This is a great season for learning and we get to cover all areas of the curriculum through well thought out activities and play. The children have loved colour, animals, seasonal holidays and produce from this time of year. Here are some pictures of our Autumnal activities and opportunities for play.

Nursery is ‘BIG’ on displaying childrens work.

In the nursery we love to promote the children’s art work and achievements. We have several display boards around the room to display the children’s work. The children now ask to put up work they are particularly proud of. This empowers the children and lets them know their efforts are rewarded no matter how big or small. Well done everybody!

Early Learning and Childcare consultation 2019

The Scottish Government plans to expand Early Learning and Childcare services to almost double the number of funded hours from 600 currently to 1140 each year.  These extra hours will be available to all children aged 3 or 4 and for some children aged 2 and will be in place by session 2020/21.  Families should have choice and flexibility in how they use services – including whether they use all of their child’s funded hours and whether they use them during school term-time or throughout the year. 

By early learning and childcare, we mean all pre-school education such as nurseries, early years centres, childminders and playgroups.

The City of Edinburgh Council is keen to maintain high quality early learning and childcare services as they change and expand, to make them work well for you and your family.  To do this, we need your help so that we can plan for the future.

We want to find out what your experience of early learning and childcare is really like in Edinburgh – whether you use it or not, what you like and if there’s anything you think could be changed or improved.

Please help us with this by taking some time to complete this survey.  It should only take around ten minutes.