Nursery Learning Ideas -2

Dear Mums, Dads and carers. Here are some more ideas for you to use with your children and help you to keep them learning and busy. This is an ideal time to be getting your children involved with daily activities and working on their independence, let them help you with the cooking and cleaning, you’ll be surprised what they can do!

Nursery Learning Grid -2

Nursery Reading Garden is up and running

The nursery staff have (jointly with Pirniehall) been developing our outdoor space. The weather recently has made this very difficult but we’re not letting that stop us! The most recent development has been the promotion and resourcing of our outdoor reading shed/garden. Shelves have gone up to display our books in an inviting way and we have put good quality outdoor mats and cushions in to make it a cosy, comfy place to go. Here is Mrs Guthrie reading to an interested group.

The Nursery Learn About Poland and ‘Donut Day’!

The nursery have been talking about Poland and Polish traditions. We are representing Poland for the Diversity night. We learned how to spot the Polish flag and had a go at making one. We looked at where Poland is on a map after a pupil told us that his grandmother was coming from Poland that week to see him. We also looked into Donut day and decided that we should definitely give it a go! Miss Fraser whipped up some home made donut batter and the children made their own donuts as part of a healthy snack.

The Nursery Visit the National Gallery of Modern Art.

The nursery were recently invited by our neighbours in Pirniehall to come with them to the National Gallery of Modern Art, for a morning of outdoor arty workshops. We had a fantastic time creating ‘Goldsworthy’ style art work, looking at the outdoor installations and generally having fun outside. The children learned that art can come in many different forms and that anyone can create art whenever or wherever they like! Thank you, Mrs Lewis, for organising this fun trip.

Mr Innes