P1 Home Learning WB 16.02

Good Morning P1! I hope you have had a wonderful week off and are feeling refreshed for one last week of home school before we’re reunited!

Here are some new activities for this week. It’s jam packed with activities for this week.
Today is also Pancake Day! I’ve popped up a recipe just in case you have some ingredients at home. Happy flipping!

Can’t wait to see what you get up to!
Miss Brownlie 🙂

P1 Home Learning WB 1.2.21

Happy Friday primary 1! I hope you have had a great week of learning so far. It has been great to see so many of you on our teams calls! I am looking forward to seeing you all again next week.

Here are all of your tasks for next week in your home learning grid. Try some of the tasks at home. Look at the timetable and use it to structure your day if you find it helpful. Look at the Teams guide if you are struggling to use or access teams.

Have a great weekend and stay safe everyone, Miss Crookston and Miss Brownlie.

Home Learning: 25.1.20

Good Afternoon P1! I hope you are all safe and well. I am so pleased to see a lot of you engaging in work on teams and on our live video calls! It is great to see so many of your faces.

Remember, it is good to break up your day with some exercise and play time. Try to do some maths and literacy in the morning, and then enjoy some free time playing!

Keep working hard, we can’t wait until we see you in school again.

Miss Crookston and Miss Brownlie.

P1 Home Learning WB 18.01

Hello everyone! Here is our work for next week Mon 18th. We have more senses work, addition and some new games! We’re loving seeing your smiling faces and hard work on TEAMS. Remember we will be hosting our live sessions next week:
P1A: Check-in Tuesday @ 10:30 and Wordboost Wednesday @ 10:30
P1b: Check-in Tuesday @ 11 and Worrdboost Wednesday @ 11

Can’t wait to see all your hard work! 🙂
Miss Brownlie and Miss Crookston