Camp Fundraising!

Primary 7 have been working very hard to fundraise for their camp in March! We had a very successful day today selling our art work and Christmas crafts at Leonardo’s!
Thank you to all the staff at Leonardo’s for making our day wonderful!

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Scottish Parliament

We had a wonderful visit from the Scottish Parliament Education Outreach Team to teach us all about the Scottish Parliament. We learned about the History, roles of people in the Parliament and about the Parliament do. We even had the chance to design our own manifestos and debate the issues surrounding Social Media. We felt like real MSPs! Our favourite part was using the electronic key pads to vote and make decisions just like the MSPs do. We would like to thank Angela for making this a great learning experience for us.

Show Racism the Red Card

Primary 6 and Primary 7 took part in an event at Spartans where they learned all about racism. They learned what racism meant and how to try and prevent racism from happening in the future. Thank you to all the staff who made the day very informative and enjoyable.