P1 Assembly

Thank you to all of the visitors who came to see our assembly about minibeasts and a huge congratulations to all of the boys and girls who did an amazing job!


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P1 School Trip

The children had so much fun on our school trip. They were able to make lots of links to our topics throughout the day. The Museum of Childhood reinforced the children’s learning during our “When Granny was a girl” topic. Their minibeast hunt in Princes Street Gardens linked to our “Living Things” topic; and we got to see lots of different landmarks around Edinburgh city centre linking to our current topic, “Where I Live”. Thank you again to all of our parent volunteers – your help is greatly appreciated!

Easter Bonnet Parade

The children worked so hard on their Easter Bonnets we just had to show them off to the school in our Easter bonnet parade!

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When Granny was a girl

We would like to send a huge thank you to Cameron’s Granny, Eileen, who very kindly came in to speak to Primary One about what life was like for her as a little girl growing up in Edinburgh. We really enjoyed asking questions to learn new information relating to our topic.

Loose Play

We had such a ball taking part in loose play. The children’s imaginations showed no boundries as they problem solved to build and play with objects like tyres, pipes, bottle caps, cable drums, etc. We hope to continue these fantastic activities going in St. David’s and have already started collecting suitable materials to put into our new container. Thanks to any parents who came along for the session.