Homework Week Beginning 9th November 2020

Hi boys and girls 👋 I have posted the homework for this week on files. Both classes are focusing on time this week for maths. We are introducing half past 👍 P2a have 5 new word boosts words for the story, Tabby McTat. P2b are reading, Rainy Day and they also have 5 new word boosts words. We are not doing RWInc this week and are instead focusing on our Talk for Writing. We are learning to describe using our sentence starters… It is, It has and It can. Look at the space picture and describe it using those 3 sentences. Remember to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives. Finally, I will attach a video for our Hail Mary Prayer. Please watch the song and try to memorise the words. Thanks, Miss Smith and Miss Pexara 🙂

This is our Hail Mary song we use to help us remember this new prayer.
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