Homework Monday 14th December 2020

Hi P2a 🙂 Last full week before the Christmas holidays! Please find attached the December homework grid and complete the yellow section for week beginning the 14th. Also, I have attached our word boost words for the story called, Cold Paws Warm Heart. Finally, I have uploaded two maths activities to complete this week. Thanks, Miss Smith

Homework 30th November 2020

Hi P2 👋 I can’t believe that it’s the 1st of December tomorrow! 😮 I have attached our new December grid so please complete the green section this week. P2a are focusing on the word boost book called, Another Fine Mess and P2b will read, Love from Louisa. We are also looking at symmetry for maths so I have attached two worksheets for our symmetry topic. Finally, I have attached your advent calendar to complete over the next three weeks. Thanks, Miss Smith and Miss Pexara

Homework 23rd November 2020

Hi P2 I have uploaded the monthly grid again onto this channel. Please complete the last pink section this week. P2a word boost book is called, Love From Louisa and P2b book is called, Another Fine Mess. We are also looking at 3d shapes this week and the properties of 3d shapes. Please complete the worksheets. Thank you Miss Smith and Miss Pexara ​​​​​​​