Nursery Transition is still going on! well done to the staff and children

We are continuing to follow the City Of Edinburgh’s transition guide for all our Pre-school children. Following our suggested themes and activities we have been having a great time with the Smeds and the Smoos. Our transition notice board is filling up nicely with quotes from the children and examples of their work. Mr Innes even made a cake to look like the red rocket in the story! All staff are coming up with lots of fun activities for the children as well as taking every opportunity to read the story. Don’t worry if you do not have the book at home. As part of the transition the nursery team have been making up the most amazing transition packs, filled with lots of fun activities (the book) and games for you to do over the summer.

Nursery Transition is well underway!

The last few weeks of term see the nursery preparing our pre-school children for school, this is called ‘Transition’. This year the theme for the transition is the book ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’. This is across the whole city so every school P1 class will be looking at this book when your child starts P1. Please discuss the story with your children and if they come home talking about red-Smeds and blue-Smoos you now know what they are talking about. We will be gifting each child a Transition pack so you have lots of activities to help prepare your child for school over the summer holidays. Here are the children playing with red and blue Playdough- realising they can make the colour purple! Playing outside with our massive red and blue flags as well as mixing paint. Please follow the link to see a video of the story being readout loud.

Bedtime Stories | David Schwimmer | Smeds and the Smoos | CBeebies – YouTube