Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning P4/5, I hope you had a nice day yesterday and are ready for something new today. Instead of a challenge in Sumdog, I have created a competition. The questions are all about fractions. There is also a section about fractions on your grid for this week. I will give 50 extra points to everyone who completes this competition. Do your best but focus on finishing rather than answering every single question correctly.
I am enjoying reading your Thinking Reader work. The visualisers are great. Can you remember to write sentences for your word work. Thank you.
Today’s challenge is to create a tree picture. You can draw, stick, photograph or model. Use whatever you can find in the house or out on a walk. Be creative. Do not forget to post your work!

P6 Week Beginning 18 May

Good morning P6.  I hope you all enjoyed the break yesterday and are ready for another week of work.  The response last week was brilliant. I am so pleased with the work you have all been doing and the effort you have made and cannot wait to see how you all do this week.  It was lovely to see more children join us on teams and again if you are in touch with other children in our class please encourage them to log on to teams.  If there are issues with IT let me know and I will try my best to help.  As usual I will post the work here and in the files section of teams.  The file named GRID will detail the work for the week and the other files contain worksheets.  Good luck everyone and stay safe and well.

Take care

Mrs Wallace

Here is the grid detailing the work for the week.


The literacy work can be found here.

Lockdown literacy (4)

The maths work can be found here.

DailyMentalMaths18May     Daily Arithmetic Practice P6-18May          Sequences



Topic work – Africa