P5 homework.

Homework learning grid will start next week, for October.

This week, get back into homework and complete the literacy and numeracy tasks by Friday 2nd October.


Task 1: Complete the spelling grid.

Task 2: Write the words with vowels missing, then repeat and write the word with consonants.


Task1 Grammar: Complete the worksheet on connectives.

Task2 Write: Choose 5 spelling words and write a complex sentence using a connective learned in class.


Task 1: Complete the doubling worksheet.

Task 2: Learn Its: Know your 2.s, 4’s and 8’s timetables. Write the tables 3 times and ask an adult to test you. What do you notice about the numbers? 2×2=4 2×4=8 2×8=16?


Task 1: Complete the thinker reader.

Task 2: Prepare what you will say about the story to the class on Friday.


PE kit on Wednesday.

Enjoy the learning. x

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