Nursery newsletter September 2020

St David’s Nursery Newsletter

September 2020

Welcome: Dear Mums, Dads and carers. Welcome back to nursery to those of you who have returned and a very warm welcome to all our new parents and pupils. We now have everyone we are expecting, and the children have settled so well- well done! Its not an easy process and this year has been quite different.

New Hours: Our new hours have been running for a few weeks and both staff and children have adapted well to the changes. It is lovely to have the children for a whole day. I would like to draw to your attention that we are open until 4.30pm so please feel free to use your full hours.

Curriculum and Learning: I feel the lunch routine has been a big success and a lovely bonus to our learning environment. The children are socialising, practicing table manners as well as trying new healthy foods. Our hot menu should be starting soon, we will post the menu on the school website as soon as it is confirmed.

Dates for the diary: I have copied the Edinburgh City Council term dates on the back of this newsletter, please keep the dates for future reference and notifications of upcoming holidays. We also post information on the school website, please take the time to have a look, there are photos of the children’s learning too.

Sharing learning with you: We have parent’s consultations twice a year, this year as we can’t meet face to face we plan to hold the first consultation over the phone. We will be in touch soon to arrange a convenient time for a 10-minute talk. We also share learning with parents through Learning Journals. This is an online system whereby we can share pictures and observations of your child’s learning. Again, we will be in touch soon to set you up and show you how to access your child’s individual page.


  • As the weather is changing please dress your children appropriately for the conditions. Welly boots are ideal as well as changes of clothes. Please name everything and put it in a bag to go on your child’s coat peg.
  • Please inform us of any changes needed on your child’s care plan.
  • Please do not send any food, drink or toys into the nursery
  • If you have any questions at all, please ask a member of staff, we will be more than happy to help you. 😊

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