Homework Grid 11.01.21

Hello Primary 4 families,

Welcome back to school and home learning ๐Ÿ™‚

We know that this is an unusual return to school again but we will work together to make it as much fun as possible. We have really missed you all! We are so excited to hear about what you have been up to and cannot wait to see your work.

Firstly, to get prepared for the next three weeks, we thought it might be a nice idea to try to set up a learning space/new school in your home. We can create a pretend school that we will go to for the next three weeks! This is not always easy to do but if you can find a space for this it may help us to feel like we are all at school together ๐Ÿ™‚

You could do the following:
– What exciting name will you have for your new school?
– Can you design a logo for your new school?
– Decorate your learning space with pictures and posters to help you to learn.
– Draw up a timetable of what you will learn in school (use the learning grid and online teaching times!)
– What will your school rules be? Remember our Ready, Respectful and Safe and ASPIRE.
– Make sure to get out of your pjs each day when going to your new school!
– Set up a time to teach an adult or sibling about what you learned that day: “What has stuck with me today?”

Like before, we will post a Learning Grid each week to help you with your tasks. This will be on Teams and at the end of each post.

We hope to complete some teaching through Teams each week. Miss Geoghegan and Miss Baeza will have different times as some days we will be working in school. We will post this timetable later today for each class.

For today, we will like to invite you meet with your class on Teams at 10am on your class Online Teaching Live Teams Channel. We will have a catch up and Zones of Regulation check-in. We will invite you to attend and are so excited to see you!!

See you soon,
Miss Geoghegan and Miss Baeza x

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