Term 1 in P6/7

Wow! What a term 1 we had in our P6/7 class. The time has just flown by with lots of fun and learning along the way.  

In Literacy, we were working on Greek Mythology and covered the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Consequently, we wrote our own rendition. Then, we moved onto persuasive writing and constructed a piece of writing persuading our fellow pupils to stop the damage of Fast Fashion in society. After half term, we focussed on using our emotions and five senses to help us to create and develop our writing pieces of writing on the story of the ‘Piano man’ which linked to our topic of World War 2. Finally, just before we ended the term, we have looked at writing informal letters and the layout and structure involved in creating one.  

In Numeracy, we have been building on our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have looked at place value and decimals. Before half term we looked at perimeter and area. We then used the knowledge gained from this to help with long multiplication, before moving onto short division and the pupils favourite long division. The pupils have also been learning about shape and got to design their own 3D shapes as in the image below.  

In Science and Social Studies, we have been looking at electricity, as well as renewable and non-renewable energy. We then got to design our own circuits which the pupils loved. We have just finished looking plants and the processes and requirements needed for a plant to grow. So far, in Social Studies we have covered modern politics and economics in Britain and the pupils subsequently used the knowledge they learned from this in their own house captain elections within the school. Furthermore, we have been learning all about World War 2 and the impact it had on shaping Scotland as we see it today.  

In Religion, we have been looking at various passages of the bible. Pupils get to look up the stories on their iPads every morning before discussing the certain book, chapter, and verse, before completing an activity on it. We have also continued with our Pope Francis Faith Award, which will help prepare us for our Confirmation later in the year. Finally, just before the term finished, we were examining the importance of Advent and how it prepares us for the birth of Jesus.  

Finally, In Expressive Arts, we have covered a wide range of material, varying from art where we designed posters in relation to the upcoming COP26, to music where the pupils got to learn a Woodwind instrument, to P.E with Mr. Creaney and on Fridays I have got to teach the pupils some Gaelic Football! The pupils have taken to it well and enjoy getting to show off their talents outside of the classroom. I have been overly impressed! 

So as term 1 concludes we in P6/7 are super excited for term 2.  

Enjoy the Christmas break.  

Mr. Farrelly 

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