Home Learning

We are so sad we’ve had to close so abruptly. Please keep safe and keep well and we hope to see you very soon.

Below is a home activity chart for the next 2 weeks. Do as many or as little as you like. I will then update this page by Monday of each week after the Easter Holidays with different activities.  I will also set sumdog challenges for P6 for you to work through.

Take care.

Mrs Wallace/Miss Hunt

Second Level school closure learning grid


December in P6

This month P 6 visited St Augustine’s science department twice. We are involved in a CSI investigation and are trying to find out who shot Mr Burns. During our first visit we learned about chromotography and used this to investigated the type of ink left at the scene and eliminated some suspects. This week we used the microscopes to investigate samples found near the scene and eliminated three more suspects. We have two more visits in January after which we should be able to pin down the culprit.

Primary 6 have been very busy this month preparing for the Christmas Fair. We had a lot of fun making gingerbread men and decorating them .

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and thank you for your support.

November Highlights

On 13 November P6 went on a trip to the cinema to see The Kid Who Would Be King. Everyone enjoyed the film and some great reviews were written afterwords.

Two P6 pupils represented the school on a trip to the Botanic Gardens with Mr Innes as members of the school ECCO group. They had an interesting and fun filled day and came back with their own trees.

P6 were busy creating winter windows for the Edinburgh Winter Windows competition. Five were chosen and sent to be judged in the final.

The first window by Ola was chosen as one of the winners and can be seen at Great Junction Street, Leith by the library. Congratulations Ola and to the other competitors too. They were all wonderful windows.

November Highlights

In early November P6 and P5 visited Muirhouse Library to meet the author Abi Elphinstone. The children had a wonderful time listening to Abi talk about her adventures as a child and how these influenced her writing. She talked about her books and gave them lots of tips on how to plan their own writing. Everyone came away buzzing with enthusiasm.

Eco Reps Represent St David’s RC at an outdoor learning and play Event in The Royal Botanic Gardens, hosted by Scottish Natural Heritage and attended by Deputy First Minister John Swinney

Titus and Nicola from P6 Went to The Royal Botanic Gardens on Monday to attend an Eco event hosted by Scottish Natural Heritage. The programme listed many fun activities and also the possibility of a VIP guest! After registration and a cup of coffee for Mr Innes we headed outside to start our day of climate change awareness. We made ‘Andy Goldsworthy’ inspired natural artwork, we learned about climate change gases, how we produce them and we learned about biodiversity- All before lunch!! After lunch and another cup of coffee for Mr Innes we met our VIP! Mr Deputy First Minister John Swinney no less and also Scottish Natural Heritage’s Chief Executive, Francesca Osowska. Titus and Nicola wasted no time and started networking with the pair straight away (see photos). After the VIP excitement it was back indoors for an acorn planting activity and bee making workshop. We learned how important planting trees is to our future and hopefully our little acorns can grow to be part of our planet’s solution to climate change.