Term 2 in P6/7

Wow! What a Term 2 we had in our P6/7 class. The time has just flown by with lots of fun and learning along the way.   

In Literacy, we were working on narrative writing and focussed on creating our own narrative stories with a focus on the 7 key elements involved in narrative writing: Characterisation, Setting, Theme, Plot, Atmosphere, Figurative Language & Literary Devices, and finally Point of View. There was a focus on including all of these within a structured paragraph layout which we abbreviated to ODCCR which stands for a paragraph on having an Opening, a Development, a Crisis, a Complication and a Resolution.  

In our reading, we started our class novels and pupils were assigned differentiated reading groups based on their reading assessment. Each group would get to read with the teacher at least one day a week and after each reading experience the pupils would complete a task based on the pages they have read. We look forward to finishing our books in Term 3. 

In terms of our Listening and Talking the pupils were provided the opportunity to voice their opinion and work on talking in front of others. They got the opportunity to talk when in their reading group, debating about the class novel, and also when using their ICT skills to present their PowerPoints or Pic Collage displays to the rest of their peers. We covered topics such as Pancake Day Celebrations and famous women in the world to celebrate Internationals Women’s Day.   


In Numeracy, we were looking at the 4 basic principles – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and then use them in other areas such as scale, symmetry and coordinates. We also focused on the language of maths and how to tackle worded problems. This led us up to our current topic of fractions, decimals and percentages.  


In Science, Children had the opportunities to explore STEM. In science this term we were looking classifying living things into plants (flowering and non-flowering), animals (vertebrates and invertebrates), and other groups through knowledge of their characteristics. This led us up to our current topic on the solar system and learning about each of the eight planets.  


     In Social studies, we were learning about The Jacobite rebellion. A day trip to Holyrood Palace was organised to incorporate our learning of this topic which the pupils thoroughly enjoyed.  We are currently looking at human and natural disasters that have happened in our world.  

In Religion, we have been looking at various passages of the bible. Pupils get to look up the stories on their iPads every morning before discussing the certain book, chapter, and verse, before completing an activity on it. We have also continued with our Pope Francis Faith Award, which will help prepare us for our Confirmation later in the year. We also looked at St. Patrick and the characteristics he had and examined how we could incorporate them into our own lives. Finally, just before the term finished, we were examining the importance of Easter and how it prepares us for the resurrection of Jesus. 



Finally, in Expressive Arts, we have covered a wide range of material, varying from art where we designed pictures of flowers to music where the pupils got to learn a Woodwind instrument, and create their own music using the app Garage band, to drama classes where the pupils got to act out different scenarios, and finally to P.E with Mr. Creaney and on Fridays I have got to teach the pupils some Gaelic Football! The pupils have taken to it well and enjoy getting to show off their talents outside of the classroom. I have been overly impressed!  

So as Term 2 concludes, we in P6/7 are super excited for Term 3.   

Enjoy the Easter break.   

Mr. Farrelly  

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