Homework Grid 16.11.20

Hello everyone,

You can find the homework for week 3 at the end of this post. Both P4 classes are focussing on Times Tables for maths. Remember to keep practicing the rest of the Times Tables from past weeks. You can use the document attached named “Tips and ideas for learning the multiplication tables” to help you noticing patterns in the multiplication tables. You can also write down your tables a couple of time and ask and adult to test you!💪

We have decided to keep the same Spelling words from last week in Literacy. Use your purple jotter sent home to keep practicing all of them! We are going to be focus on Adventure story writing. Please use the writing stimulus document and your writing template to do some writing this week. Just focus on a good opening (with Characters) and a build-up. Try to use the questions to help you and remember to give yourself time to think about your writing. If you want to go further, then please do! 🙂 Can you challenge yourself by adding some of your spelling words in your story? ⭐

Have a great week everyone! 
Miss Geoghegan and Miss Baeza

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