Learning Grid 24-01-21

Thank you again for your hard work and awesome learning P5, I am very impressed with what you are sharing with me, thank you to your parents too, they are doing a fantastic job.

Please see next weeks Learning Grid for you to start on Monday. I thank you all again, we had so many of the class on the live teams call on Thursday and you all listened and took part, fantastic P5.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Sharkey x

Happy New Year and hello to home learning.

Hi P5.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and peaceful Christmas.

Please see the Learning Grid for 11-01-21:

Everyday Choose:

1 literacy task, I would start with spelling because that’s what we always do on a monday and it helps to keep our routine),

1 numeracy, remember to do some mental maths to warm up.

1 other task from the grid.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing your work on teams.

Enjoy your Learning, Mrs Sharkey x

Homework Grid

Good morning P5. Thanks so much for posting your completed learning, cool ideas and reading skills on teams. I am very impressed when you complete your homework.

For anyone unable to access teams here is the grid for your child to complete, complete what you can and send it back to school.


Mrs Sharkey.

P5 homework.

Homework learning grid will start next week, for October.

This week, get back into homework and complete the literacy and numeracy tasks by Friday 2nd October.


Task 1: Complete the spelling grid.

Task 2: Write the words with vowels missing, then repeat and write the word with consonants.


Task1 Grammar: Complete the worksheet on connectives.

Task2 Write: Choose 5 spelling words and write a complex sentence using a connective learned in class.


Task 1: Complete the doubling worksheet.

Task 2: Learn Its: Know your 2.s, 4’s and 8’s timetables. Write the tables 3 times and ask an adult to test you. What do you notice about the numbers? 2×2=4 2×4=8 2×8=16?


Task 1: Complete the thinker reader.

Task 2: Prepare what you will say about the story to the class on Friday.


PE kit on Wednesday.

Enjoy the learning. x